Bruce R. Johnson has been crafting strategic wealth plans for over 50 years, serving estate owners in 25 states. After writing literally hundreds of wills in conventional estate plans he observed that, all too often, owners of substantial estates were allowing their tax concerns to interfere unduly with the pleasure of daily living. He changed his client interview focus to facilitate discovery of the purposes of his clients' wealth. For more than 30 years, Bruce has built case-by-case, nationwide alliances of planning professionals dedicated to enabling clients with complex estates to maximize the impact of their wealth. Tax law changes in recent years have led to broadening the scope of the practice to bring owners of non-taxable estates into the discovery process. Bruce is a member of the state bars of Maine, New Hampshire and Illinois.

Occasional Papers

The title “Occasional Papers” gives us the freedom to publish when we wish. Writing them serves three purposes. The first is to focus our own thinking. Our self-imposed 1,000-word limit accomplishes that for us. The second is to provide useful information to clients and others. Each Occasional Paper addresses either a specific planning topic or a philosophical issue estate owners or other clients will probably eventually encounter. The third is to let people see how we think about things. Sometimes the decision to hire or to continue using an attorney is based in part on whether that attorney’s thought processes are compatible with the thought processes of the client.

Perhaps one of these titles will intrigue you.

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Paying the Price
Straw Into Gold
Take It or Leave It
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