"We feel very privileged to have located your services. As you can certainly tell, a lot of our estate planning pursuits have been mind boggling to us -- to say the least. While we recognize that the goals are being achieved, the mechanics can be puzzling. Your perception of our unprofessed or unknowing confusion has been most welcomed in the meetings to date."
– James B., New Hampshire estate owner

"Our family's ethos includes gathering assets and passing them on to enable future generations to develop into full human beings, able to make their contributions to the world. Bruce Johnson [and his former partner] have been extraordinarily proficient in helping my husband and me develop our personal estate and business succession plans, accomplishing our family goals while minimizing taxes and building in flexibility for the unexpected. We are grateful for their wisdom and quiet professionalism."
– G. I. McW., Maine family business co-owner

"I must compliment you on how you conducted the meeting. You had a nice calming demeanor and made a complex conversation easy to understand. In my experience that is not always the case."
E. C., New Hampshire public charity representative

"I enjoyed meeting you. I must say I was very impressed with how deftly you worked the clients through the difficult decision-making process of a buy-sell agreement, especially the most sensitive issue of what role their widows might or might not play in the business."
– John T., Illinois financial services professional

"I'm grateful for your ability to state the complex in simple, understandable terms."
– Patricia H., Illinois business owner

"Bruce is the best professional that I have worked with in terms of efficiency, effectiveness, and keeping commitments."
– Steve R., Illinois business owner