Every future arises out of a present. You will do something today which will alter your future from what it would have been had you done today's something differently. Legacies have these three time dimensions. They are always, in a sense, earned or developed in the past and given away in the present to be used in the future. They change with the passage of time. An asset acquired yesterday is not exactly the same today, and will be different again tomorrow. In a sense, its present is always an image of its past and of its future.

Your ability to influence the future (and those of your beneficiaries who will live there) rests, in part, on your ability, first, to imagine and then to work toward a future which bears your unique image. Here's where the fun begins in this office. We get to serve as "tour director" as you explore the possibilities for using your wealth to build a future in which those people and those institutions you care most about can themselves function as intergenerational image-bearers. Whose image will they bear?